I was at Gold Coast University Hospital on Wednesday morning with my Mother for an appointment.

I witnessed one of your staff who was looking after a client called Nadia.

I didn’t catch the staff members name but just wanted to let you know she did such a beautiful job of looking after her client. Her client was quite obviously very anxious and your staff member calmed her down and distracted her and did such a lovely caring job.

We often hear complaints with regard to providing services but its not often that people take the time to commend great work and your carer definitely deserves the compliment.

Thanking you
Gold Coast
November 27, 2020

Dear Aquamarine Care,

I thank you for Anita and her service since I started services with you. 

I request that I may be able to use her next year please; after I complete my course since she helps me do what I need for myself.

Your service is exemplary and very good. You allow me to do for myself what I cannot do on my own. 

I wish to continue services with you in the future.

Yours Faithfully,

Mr Clarke

Wonoona NSW 2517
Mr Clarke
November 2020

“Aquamarine has been absolutely fantastic. I am really thankful for all the support I have received as it really, really helped me.”

M Mason
Tweed Heads NSW
August 2020

As a side note, I’ve not worked with another provider so far who has been able to be as flexible as Aquamarine. I know the challenges with organising rosters so I wanted you to know how appreciative I am that you’ve been able to accommodate all of these changes to support Lee.

Gold Coast
June 2020

Owen’s world is so much brighter with Laura’s support. I’m so grateful you matched us. He glows after she’s been.

Mrs Browne
Tweed Heads NSW
May 22, 2020

Aquamarine workers have been truly brilliant and I have no doubt that both Robyn and Max are ever so grateful and would not have made it this far without the supports provided.

Thank you for the quick reply.

Robyn & Max

Mudgeeraba Gold Coast
May 2020

I just want to say thank you for sending Sandra to me every Tuesday, 11 am.
She is an absolute gem. I have had a different worker each time for ages and was so tired of having to start all over each time. We have a very big house and Sandra and I have worked out a process that will see our home gleaming within 6 weeks. Then it's going to be just a matter of methodical weekly maintenance. Beds every 2nd week. Thank you so much for being such a great person and please tell her that we think she is the ants pants!

Bron & Bruce
May 4, 2020

Hi Gemma,

I took a call from Carer Megan Logan. Aquamarine have been supporting her and her Dad – Palliative Care.

She called to say that the care she has received from Aquamarine Personalised Home Care has been outstanding and so thoughtful and communicate so well with her whilst she has been caring for her terminally ill Father.

Megan stated that Aquamarine (SW Mary Anne) and the staff at CRCC have made her Palliative Care journey empowering and that she has become a stronger person because of the support. She feels she can trust and have the confidence to the end of her Dads time.  J

Gold Coast
April 26, 2019

I just wanted to send a note to compliment your team on the prompt and caring service last weekend. We needed help for Dad at the last minute when Mum was admitted to hospital after a fall. Your office team arranged a carer to be there within the hour and kept dad safe for the next 27 hours until we could arrive from Victoria. We don’t know what we would have done without you. Thank you for the wonderful service, great work.

Joanne Page
Byron Bay
April 18, 2018

Thank you for sending Jenny to look after Mum for the past two months. She is fabulous and very caring and mum feels very comfortable with her in their home.

Mrs M Beddoes
April 17, 2018

I will no longer be a Support Coordinator after this week and just wanted to say that Aquamarine is absolutely the best Provider in the area.

Full marks for fantastic communication and ticking all boxes related to customer service.

Don’t change as you are a value to the community!

Sarah M
NDIS Support Coordinator
Lismore NSW 
December 2021

A huge thank you to all the team in the office. 

You all work so hard behind the scenes putting all the pieces of the puzzle together to make our day run as smoothly as possible, listen to our every whim and show us compassion and support when things at work or home are not so good. 
Hope you and your families all have a wonderful Christmas and a healthy, happy, safe New year.
Thank you for always being there, it is very much appreciated. 
December 2021

Dear Billie,

 I will be providing feedback to my team and Attendant Care team about the service you have provided for this family. I have been at iCare for nearly 5 years and never experienced such professionalism, willingness and positive feedback re staff in the home than I have in the past week with Aquamarine. The family have had a positive experience with the end of life care for our client at home. Please pass this feedback on to the care staff that assisted our client and his family and your manager.

Warm regards



We would just like to say a heartfelt thanks to Connie and Barb for everything they did for Dad. Their patience, understanding and the extra effort they put in really made a huge difference to Dad in his last year. It gave us peace of mind to know that Dad had them checking in and helping him with anything he needed.

It was important to us that Dad’s carers got to know him, along with all his mannerisms and habits, and we really appreciate the consistency, support and respect provided by Aquamarine.

Thank you.
The Family of Bruce L
November 30, 2016

My sister Sandy and I would like to thank you for all your hard work organising carers for my Dad (Ken) over the last week. The administrative staff have been readily available, responsive, efficient, courteous and friendly. The carers have been excellent – friendly, flexible, professional, supportive and caring. It has made a big difference to Sandy and I to know Dad has been safe in their care. We will have no hesitation in recommending your service to others.

Ken B
September 28, 2016

Dear Brian,

You and your team looked after my grandmother Joyce.

She was receiving home support services through Care Connect and Aquamarine.

I am writing to personally thank you for your outstanding services and in particular to commend your staff member Sonia who was Joyce’s assigned carer.

My grandmother has been receiving at home service for quite a few years now and has had numerous providers and careers in the past, but not have come close to the level of care provided by your company and Sonia.

Sonia really has been a shining light for Joyce, in what has been a tumultuous and challenging time.

I love my grandmother, but in all honesty, she can be an extremely challenging person to get along with. However, to my astonishment, Sonia’s patience, kindness and good humour allowed her to quickly win Joyce over, to the point where my grandmother is very fond of Sonia. This is a first and unprecedented for my grandmother in terms of care workers and is a testament to Sonia as a person and a professional (and in turn Aquamarine).

As you may be aware my grandmother has now transitioned to an aged care facility (needing a higher level of care), and I can honestly say without Sonia’s help this would have been much more difficult ad traumatic for my grandmother.

Sonia went above and beyond in the transition. I strongly believe that this kind of situation demonstrates the true spirit of what health care and aged care, in particular, should be and is a testament to your company and Sonia.

I’m sure you have had or will receive commendations and glowing reports for Sonia regularly, but again thank you very much for everything Aquamarine and Sonia have done for my grandmother over the past 12 months.

I would not hesitate to recommend your companies services to others and would be more than happy to provide Sonia with any kind of reference (not that she needs one). Again thank you for everything.

Kind Regards, sincerest thanks, and best wishes,

Mr Baldwin
June 14, 2016

I would like to say thank you for sending me help from Aquamarine Home Care. I was lucky enough to have help with my showering – and some days cleaning as well. The helper I would like to congratulate them on in employing is Wendy.

I had a few girls help me before Wendy arrived at my door. The day she arrived made me happy. Wendy was really good at her job and had what I would call heart and compassion for her clients. I hope they never lose her. Wendy is an absolute gem with all the right qualities to be a carer.

I had not realised how incapacitated I would be – and thank you all for realizing my plight.

You have to be congratulated for doing a wonderful job. May god bless you all.


Mrs S Harrison
April 12, 2016

“Carmel and I have had home help for over 10 years now and the standard of ladies that Aquamarine Personalised Home Care has working for them is far better than we have experienced to date. Please convey to Aquamarine my appreciation for the quality and standard of ladies they have so far sent to help me with home help”

Charles S
March 24, 2016

A huge thank you to Brian, Jamie and the team for all of your support. We know mum is safe and happy thanks to your wonderful group of carers on the Gold Coast.

We have never come across anyone like you, Thank you.

October 20, 2015

Good afternoon,

We would like to say a big thank you, especially to Helen who was my mum’s regular assistant.

She is fantastic at her job.


M Cook
Mr's B Cook's Daughter
Tweed Heads Private Home Care Tweed Heads
October 2, 2015

Mrs Dacosta called and said that her services are going well and the girls from Aquamarine have been wonderful.

Thelma said, “I’ve been quite reliant on the carers actually because I’ve been housebound”.

Thelma would like to thank the carers who have been assisting her and is really happy with the support she has been receiving.

Mrs T. Dacosta
Tweed Heads
September 21, 2015

Mrs Agent would like to thank the carers who attended to her personal care services. Edna said that “the girls were all so lovely and made sure I was ok”.

Mrs E Agent
Gold Coast
September 21, 2015

I’m writing to inform you of my high regard for the services of Robyn.

She is both professional and efficient in her work practices.

Her caring manner towards my health and well-being is highly commendable.

Thank you for allocating her to me
Mrs R. White
July 10, 2015

Just wanted to pass on some very positive feedback from Julie ( Elie’s Daughter )

She said the help has been amazing and all the staff have been very lovely and caring. It was a big thing for Elie to have people coming into her home but she has felt very comfortable with your staff – thank you very much for making this such a positive experience.

Elie’s Daughter
July, 2015

I wish to thank you and your team for the support you have given me during the last four weeks at home after my hip replacement and hospitalisation. I felt supported by your phone communication organising my transport from rehab in Ballina back home and later to doctor’s appointments. Also for the delivery and collection of hygiene equipment supplied for those crucial first weeks.

In particular, I want to thank you for sending Stephanie to help with my housework and because I could not drive until my sixth week after the operation, taking me out shopping. She was generous with her time, did everything without having to be told, made the house gleam like it was brand new. In fact better than I do it myself. She is an excellent driver and helped me get into and out of her vehicle, with my snail-like movements, with patience and consideration.

But the best thing was her kind, friendly personality and her intelligence. She did not have to be asked to do anything. She made suggestions, saw what was required and just did it before I even asked. Every time she left, I felt uplifted and nurtured for the rest of the day.

March 23, 2015

I just had a call from Donald at Pottsville who is "over the moon" with the services he received this morning from one of your workers.

He said he couldn’t have asked for a better person and hopes she can continue to provide his services each fortnight.

He said he can’t thank us enough for sending her to him.

July 8, 2015

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