Why Home Care?

Why-Home-Care_senior-couple_blue-and-pink-shirtsPreviously known as ‘community care’, home care helps older people, or those who are unable to manage on their own, to live at home for as long as possible. It also helps prevent premature admission to residential care through alternative support services.

An ageing population coupled with technological advancements now means that services typically available in institutions can be provided at home. A brighter alternative to a nursing home or hospital, home care also enables people to have greater choice and flexibility in the way that care and support is provided at home.

The life-changing benefits of home care

Professional caregivers like Aquamarine offers the following range of benefits to clients, their families and the wider community:

  • The feel-good factor. The comforting cuddle by a family pet, an unexpected visit from family and friends, the reassurance of a neighbour – nothing beats home. And, when we are feeling unwell, it’s where most of us prefer to be.
  • Free from superbugs. Antibiotic-resistant superbugs are now commonplace in major hospitals. Homecare offers a safer, healthier option with evidence showing that patients heal quicker at home.
  • Freedom and flexibility. Strict visiting hours, regimented meal times, routine blood pressure checks – hospitals and nursing homes are highly regulated environments. Home care, on the other hand, works with your lifestyle.
  • Greater independence. None of us want to be totally dependent and helpless. With some assistance, seniors can continue to function as valuable members of society in a home they’ve long called their own.
  • Prevents or postpones institutionalisation. Few patients choose to be placed in a nursing home, unless it’s the only place where they can obtain the 24-hour care that they need.
  • Customised care. Each home Care Plan is tailored to the needs of each individual and delivered on a one-to-one basis.
  • Cost-expensive. In general, home care costs only one-tenth as much as hospitalisation and only one-fourth as much as nursing home placement to address comparable health problems.
  • Person-centred treatment. This is a highly respected industry treatment philosophy that places the person at the centre of their own care and considers the needs of their family and carers.
  • Efficient and effective. By bringing health services home, the patient does not generate board and room expenses. The patient and/or his or her family supply the food and tend to the individual’s other lifestyle needs.
  • Passionate caregivers. By and large, employees of home care agencies look at their work not as a job or profession, but as a calling. Home care workers are highly trained and passionate about caring for their community.
  • Extending life. Home care not only adds years to life, but “life to years”.
  • The preferred choice. There is a growing public acceptance and demand for hospice care, which is home care for individuals who are terminally ill.

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